USO Camp Pendleton Is Taking Care Of Our Families During COVID-19

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USO Camp Pendleton has been boosting the morale of our Military Families on Camp Pendleton through the power of take home kits.

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What happens when a sudden pandemic turns you into a stay at home parent who has to home school your school age kiddos? Life was turned upside down for many military families aboard Camp Pendleton and USO Camp Pendleton has tried to make the “new normal” a little better with our fun and innovated “Take Home Kits.” Over the past few months the USO Camp Pendleton staff has come up with new fun innovative idea to help keep kids occupied and having while sheltering in place. Outside the USO Center in the parking lot, as well as on the northern side of base, the staff has been hosting a weekly drive thru for these now coveted kits. Each week is a different theme, but all have goodies, craft ideas and supplies, as well as an extension sheet with many more ideas to keep school age children engaged while hanging out safely at home. Some of the favorite themed bags have been; Nature is Neat, Month of the Military Child, Star Wars, Super Heroes, Books and Bears, Backyard Camp Out, Dog Days of Summer. Our USO Camp Pendleton staff hopes that each bag provides happy memory during these uncertain times to the 5,000 plus family members that were able to receive a USO Camp Pendleton Take Home Kit.

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