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What is the USO Pathfinder Transition program? The USO Pathfinder Transition program extends the USO experience to service members and military spouses by providing professional services support in five key areas: Education, Employment, Financial Readiness, Mentoring, and increased access to relevant Veteran resources in their communities when separation from the service occurs. We offer personalized one-on-one services to connect service members and military spouses to opportunities and resources to best fit their needs and goals.

The USO is helping create a world where transitioning in or out of military life will be as seamless as possible - bringing end-to-end support throughout the journey with an emphasis on the individuals. We’re expanding and enhancing our model to meet the current growing needs of these families, including increased digital presence combined with online experiences, education, and mentorship support.

Who is eligible to participate? Eligible participants are:

Active duty service members at any time during service.
Military spouses at any time during their family’s service. Reserve & National Guard at any time during service.
Program details, to include registration, are available at:

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