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The Feed Our Heroes program supports service members traveling through the USO Neil Ash Airport Center at the San Diego International Airport. Organizations and companies are welcome to cater or prepare and serve food to those passing through our center. Meals range from grilled hamburgers and hot dogs to fully catered meals from local food establishments.

Feed Our Heroes is scheduled when our center is expecting large amounts of Marines returning from leave, headed to MCT/ITB training at the School of Infantry aboard Camp Pendleton. Organizations and companies can expect to feed 200-450 military personnel. This is a great opportunity for giving back and volunteering. Through both volunteer and financial support from our donors, USO San Diego|Camp Pendleton ensures that all of our military personnel leave our center with a full stomach and a warmed heart.

If you would like to sponsor the Feed Our Heroes program at the airport center, please contact Brianna Bentley at bbentley@uso.org.

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