USO San Diego Staff

William Fenick
Executive Director


Ray Sevidal
Field Programs Manager-Supervisor

Kellie StephensonPino
Mobile Operations and Programs Specialist

Eden Caliboso
Mobile Operations and Programs Specialist

Kynan Henderson
Transitions Manager Operations

Krystal Coffey
Transitions Specialist

Al LeJarde
Transitions Specialist


Crystal Gates
Sr. Center Ops & Programs Manager, Camp Pendleton

Tiffany Jones
Center Operations Specialist, Camp Pendleton

Angela Sellmeyer
Center Manager, Liberty Station

Brianna Bentley
Center Manager, Neil Ash Airport Center

Hitomi McAbee
Center Operations Supervisor, Neil Ash Airport Center

Jonathan Coffey
Mobile & Warehouse Operations Manager

USO West Staff

Allison Anderson
Programs Manager, USO West Region

Gabriella Coyle
Development & Communications Manager, USO West Region

Carla Garcia
Senior Development & Board Relations Officer, USO West Region

Jeff Mich
Operations Manager, USO West Region

David Thorson
Director of Operations, USO West Region

Mary VanDerwalker
Executive Assistant, USO West Region